Language Arts/Reading

The Language Arts/Reading department is devoted to working collaboratively in an atmosphere of trust and organization to develop literate productive students. In doing so, we are committed to fulfilling the following tasks as a team:

•  Translate theory into best practices instruction in reading and writing .
•  Plan, strategize, and evaluate the effectiveness of best practices in reading and writing.
•  Provide research-based professional development and support to District, Regional, and School-based staff.

Concurrently, the department wants to instill a love of literature and reading that will serve the students well for the rest of their lives.

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Fine Arts/Vocational Arts

The Vocational and Fine Arts Departments provide students an excellent opportunity to find additional ways to be successful in life.  We strive to give our students a thorough educational experience that focuses on real world experiences and the opportunity to express themselves artistically, emotionally and intellectually.  We strive to give our students a full, well rounded educational experience.  We offer courses in Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Photography, T.V. Production, Culinary Arts, Automotive, Business & Finance, Web Design, Engineering, Informational Technology, Health Sciences, and Construction.  In addition, the department members are active members of their respective career-technical student organizations, which helps our students graduate from our programs with the type of confidence necessary to succeed in today’s working environment.


The mathematics department supports and implements the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (Common Core) established by the Florida Department of Education. The mathematics instruction is designed to meet the individual needs of the students, promoting student-engaged learning activities and differentiated instruction strategies. Our goal is to strengthen mathematical skills and develop critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and problem solving. The mission of the mathematics department is to provide course sequences presented in a supportive learning environment, that allow all students to be well prepared for success in college and their career path.





The mission of The English Language Learners (ELL) program at the Gardens is to provide instruction in English and American culture to Non- and Limited English Proficient students, which will enable them to become successful in the mainstream classroom, the school environment, and the community at large.

In order to fulfill the mission, our department offers academic classes in English as a Second Language that cover the same curriculum as their mainstream counterparts.  Our classes also address individual student needs, including language issues, academic programs, and cultural, social adjustments. English as a Second Language classes are taught in conjunction with the English Department in order to transition students into the mainstream English classes. As students adjust academically and socially, they transition with support into the full general education curriculum and the school community.


The Science Department at Hialeah Gardens High School (HGHS) is among the best in the nation. With specialists in the biological sciences, physical sciences, and chemistry, students have the opportunity to learn from extremely knowledgeable teachers.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and a unique, thriving wetland preserve on campus, HGHS ensures that all students will have all the tools necessary to immerse themselves in the microscopic and macroscopic mysteries of the living world.  Our  teachers are dedicated to guiding each and every student on a journey of knowledge and discovery in science while enabling them to creatively express themselves in projects and experiments, molding them into the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Foreign Language

The goal of the Foreign Languages Department is to provide students with an opportunity to become fluent with the languages and cultures of other nations. This mission is consistent with institutional purposes and College core curriculum goals. The Department fosters the development of proficient oral and written communication skills in Spanish as well as Chinese. Also, the classes offers opportunities for study that promotes the understanding and value of human, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

Our department empowers students through different organizations and activities to facilitate personal and cultural growth:  The Spanish Language Club & Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica participate in numerous community service activities and projects. They also extend their support to His House, an orphanage, by giving their time to these needy children.

Social Studies

The overarching goal of social studies instruction has been to prepare students to be knowledgeable, informed, and active citizens in an increasingly diverse community, nation, and interdependent world. Social Studies programs exist to promote civic competence and ensure that the values and ideals that have shaped our democratic republic continue to be instilled in our youth. The co-curricular programs, activities, and academic competitions are designed to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired through social studies instruction.





Physical Education

The physical education department is committed to ensuring that enrolled students meet physical fitness knowledge acquirement goals so that they can implement the knowledge learned for better health and fitness. State required Personal Fitness and other PE requirement classes are offered throughout the day, including weight training classes and college fitness classes.